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Family law in Singapore addresses legal issues that arise within a family. Family law deals with many areas, such as adoptions, divorce, domestic violence, children and youth issues, probates, personal protection orders, and property divisions. In addition, Singapore family lawyers can help with drafting Wills (Wasiat) and handling inheritance and succession matters.

In Singapore, family law comprises two different systems for their citizens, one for Muslims and the other for the rest of the population. The Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA) is a statute that regulates Muslim religious affairs, and this Act codifies family law for Muslims.

All family legal issues are heard by the Family Justice Courts (FJC). This judicial system comprises three courts: Family Courts, Youth Courts, and the Family Division of the High Court.

Duties of Singapore Family Lawyers

All lawyers, including family lawyers in Singapore, are governed by the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct) Rules 2015. According to the Legal Profession Act, all lawyers are expected to act with their client’s best interests in mind, along with being honest and diligent while keeping their information confidential.

As family issues can have unique requirements, Singapore family lawyers are obliged to perform additional duties and responsibilities. These may range from guiding clients to solve their problems amicably to providing all the necessary information and options that concern your issues.

For instance, if their client has a family dispute, the family lawyer in Singapore must keep them informed of all dispute resolution options, including mediation and counseling. This is important to facilitate informed decision-making. Moreover, they are obliged to guide you in adopting a reasonable and constructive approach when partaking in any legal proceedings.

If children are involved, your family lawyer in Singapore must advise you to consider the welfare of your children when making decisions. At times, these decisions may not align with the parent’s or children’s wishes, but they need to be made clear so that their child’s best interests are prioritized.

Additionally, any information or advice given must be provided in a clear, direct, and understandable manner. If necessary, Singapore family lawyers also have the responsibility to refer their clients to appropriate professionals/channels such as therapists and crisis shelters.

Resolving family legal issues can be quite a complex and exhausting process. Receiving professional guidance will certainly make your life easier and ensure that your legal needs and requirements are met.

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